In the Krasnoyarsk Territory has launched production on growing silkworms

In the wilds of Siberia, in the village without water and electricity, which is not on the map, farmers discover exotic business — growing silkworms.

For nearly 10 years wife of chromic engaged insect breeding, by which silk is obtained excellent quality. First on the prospects of sericulture wife learned in the 1990s, then the pair lived and worked in Vladivostok flower business. After many years of chromic moved to Siberia, where he decided to implement a long-held dream.

Alexander KHROMOV "Then subspecies have already gone silkworm" Polessky TUSAR ", which were grown in Belarus on birch leaves. When preparing the wood, I think, so many branches thrown out, and if they were to use a silkworm. And in 2003, the idea began to develop "

As a result, a 9 year old silkworm breeding a new subspecies, called "Sayan" has demonstrated the most unexpected results. With 20 cubic meters of birch farmers harvest 100-120 kg. cocoons. Each strand of up to 3 km, and it is up to 200 sq.m. Silk fabric. The yarn is not inferior in strength stainless steel and a thickness of 1 mm. hold the weight of 45 kg.

Artem OHALNIKOV: "Growing moth — non-waste production. For example, the butterflies go for souvenirs, and any caterpillar — it mikrofabrika for making tea Jur "

Production of the silkworm has unique medicinal properties. Why should only the silk powder, rejuvenating the skin. Silk has an antibacterial effect, and, as it turns out, even displays radiation.

"It’s called the Grenadines. Gren silkworm gives the hood, on the basis of which to make biologically active substances that output radionuclides. In the Crimean laboratory tested Greenough moth — by 95% for 3 months completely withdrawn radionuclides "

Grown moth in the village. Ust-Mozharka which is not on any map. Town, home to repression, was razed to the ground in 1970. In the 1990s, tried to revive him, but the work in this direction has stopped. The village seems not to exist, and there is no communication. Residents refer to it with optimism.

Oksana chromic, "Great live without electricity, without water. Side by side we have a natural source — the river. We close the aqueous layer, so there is simply driven into the pipe, and there is a column in the gardens "

With electricity situation is more complicated. For domestic needs enough solar panels to produce power but not enough. Plans to launch oriented silk textiles have to move to other places.

Oksana chromic: "Here in Ust-Mozharke, we just focus on breeding. Insectarium — this is the beginning of a breeding farm, which will deal directly breeding, growing and harvesting of breeding material from different villages "

At present silkworm family chromic grown interested residents and 15 townships Kuraginsky Karatuzskoe areas. The initiative family, decided to open an exotic business, is negotiating the acquisition of weaving equipment, and then go on the shelves of real Siberian silk.

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