In the Krasnoyarsk Territory mortality from diseases of the heart and blood vessels decreased by 40%

And all thanks to the opened Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, where the best specialists of the country on the most modern equipment.

Lives saved are measured in the thousands, but there is a special approach to each patient. Krasnoyarsk Cardiology — the pride of medicine. Throughout the world, the 1st place among the causes of mortality for cardiovascular disease. With the opening of this center for 2-year mortality rate of cores in the region decreased by 40%. 

Valery Sakovitch: "Mortality is less than 1% — this is nonsense. At such establishments and Russia, and in Europe more lethality. This can now be proud of. These 2 years suggest that everything that was done. All the money that has been invested, work on the formation of the team — it’s not in vain " 

 The Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery brought together the best specialists. They come for the treatment of patients even in the capital. Modern equipment, a dedicated staff and hand surgeons skill which can only wonder. Here are taken for treatment of very young patients, who from just a few hours old. Previously, children with congenital heart disease were operated to achieve a 3-year-olds, and now the babies are almost right on the operating table. In cardiology center has carried out the operation newborn, which weighed only 700 grams.

Andrew TOKAREV: "With the advent of the Perinatal Center, we have closed this scheme. Sometimes children are born, but they require a period of observation of stabilization. Precisely with the opening of the Perinatal Center, the system has to provide a finished look" 


Nikolai Ivanovich recently did a complicated operation in the cardiology center. Now the patient is recovering in a sanatorium, and said that he was in the hands of the experts, it was evident at once. 


Nikolay Khokhlov, "Respect for the medical staff to patients is not restricted, and I was in the other establishments. All include — from sisters and mistresses to the head physician — virtually all relate to patients with soul" 


To get on the operation of the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery may be in the direction of a doctor. Now all is only 300 patients, 90% — residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Quotas allocated by the state is enough for everyone, even for complex operations it is sometimes a shortage of patients.

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