In the Kuban built the largest greenhouse in the south Russian city

Over the past two years in the Kuban commissioned a record area of modern greenhouses — 30 hectares. "This is almost three times higher than they were five years ago" — said today correspondent. ITAR-TASS Deputy Governor, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Sergei Garkusha.

  • new greenhouse complex in the village of Dinskoy Krasnodar region
  • new greenhouse complex in the village of Dinskoy Krasnodar region

"At the initiative of Governor Alexander Tkachev vegetable growing in the Krasnodar region has become one of the strategic directions of development of rural areas," — he stressed. Therefore, more and more farmers are betting on a year-round vegetable production.

 "We need to seriously increase the volume, including through the year-round cultivation of vegetables" — previously set the task to the governor. The project has become popular, and involves not only the large agricultural holdings, but also hundreds of farmers, professionals of small farms, seed suppliers, equipment and materials for the construction of greenhouses.

Last year, Kuban has collected 750 tons of vegetables, which is no more than 20 percent of all the vegetables that consumes Russia. In 2-3 years, the edge is planning to double the production of tomatoes, cucumbers and other tasty and healthy agricultural products. "To make this happen faster, greenhouse complex Kuban should run for four months of the year, as now, and all year round," — said vice-governor. Will develop as a watering system for open ground, and modern greenhouses where collect two harvests a year.

Improve the efficiency of vegetable growing areas have five spatial planning today for the first time formed in the Kuban. Thanks to them, the processors will be able to better navigate where and what farmers grow vegetables and vegetable growers will know what vegetables are ready to buy processors.

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