In the Kuban collected a record for the last twenty years of harvest


In Timashevsk region held a harvest festival. According to industry department, farmers in the district in 2013 achieved the highest grain yield of grains and legumes — 61 quintal per hectare, having collected 316,000 tons of high-quality wheat. 

Harvest this year began ten days earlier. Meet the deadline did not stop even heavy rains. The region has collected a record for the last twenty years, the wheat crop. The leaderboard harvest — Timashevsky district of Krasnodar region, according to the portal "To"

"Our region has made this year, 8.2 million tonnes of cereals. In total Russian loaf it is 12.7%. This is quite a serious outcome that we were going with you and have made it, "- said, speaking at a harvest festival in the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Krasnodar Territory Sergey Garkusha.

"With the growing culture of farming results in large agricultural enterprises and peasant (farm) Timashevsky district were almost equal. Strict observance of technologies, from planting and harvesting finishing, competent varietal policy, balanced use of fertilizers — the basis of the success of farmers Timashevsky district. Here elite seeds sown acreage more than half — the highest rate in the region ", — explained in the press service of the Ministry.

Many farms have made the area consistently high results with the scientific support of the plant. Testing of new varieties of winter wheat, triticale, conducted in the fields of advanced economies allowed to see the benefits of each, in the resistance to drought.

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