In the Kuban increased yield of sugar beet and maize

In the Krasnodar Territory continued harvesting of sugar beets, soybeans, sunflower, corn, rice. Sugar beet yield 460.3 kg / ha. It is 74.2 t / ha more than last year. 

On October 7, 2013 removed 67,500 hectares of sugar beet, or more than half the area planted to this crop. Gross yield amounted to 3,106,700 tons.

Soybean crop harvested from an area of 87,300 hectares (57% of the cultivated area). Gross yield was 176,000 tons. Yield this year, 20.2 t / ha, 2.2 t / ha more than in 2012.

"Cleaning fee of sunflower. Threshed 395,900 hectares, or 89% of the total area under this crop. Gross yield was 994.4 thousand tons," — explained in the department.

Continues harvesting corn for grain. Of the 579,600 acres harvested 231,600 hectares. Gross yield — 1119.8 thousand tons. Corn yield this year is higher than last year at 6.3 kg / ha and is 48.3 t / ha.

Figure threshed on an area 43.7 thousand hectares — 35% of the cultivated area. Gross yield was 247,400 tons.

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