In the Kuban Novomikhailovskoye village school was opened, rebuilt after the floods

It happened at the end of the summer, brought a lot of destruction and led to the deaths of several chelovek.Pervy bell rang at the school is not in September and October. After all, the building had to literally rebuild anew.

Before the beginning of the school year on August 22 settlement Novomikhailovsky struck a powerful flood. Guys remember that was after the flood from their homes and loved school.

 "It was so awful, that is beyond words. Did you see that the place where you learned from the first class, everything is destroyed. All the walls, even the floor is forced. It’s indescribable," — says a student at Elina Sultanov.

While there was a renovation of the school, 550 students were assigned to other educational institutions of the village. Children learned in shifts. The builders were tasked to complete the reconstruction of the past month. New furniture delivered the day before. Special single desks for first grade in each class interactive whiteboards. Such a number of modern teaching aids, as they say here, is not in any of the Kuban school.

"Even the hall we turned into the educational part of our process. There are all kinds of classics that kids can use during dynamic activities. To us it is necessary and important. Especially in the season, when it rains," — says the director of the school Galina Solovyov. 

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