In the Kuban opened a new shop on the cultivation of breeding birds

December 27, in the region of Kuban Vyselkovsky opened a new shop on the cultivation of breeding birds. At present, the province is the only company that level.

The shop on the basis of factory farming "Korenovskaya" opened JSC "Agricultural Complex." It consists of eight individual framed buildings. It was here that will keep hens and cocks for further growth of broiler chickens.

Site of the new plant equipped with modern facilities, implying feeding birds without human intervention.

"The new plant — a kind of" maternity ", where from the beginning laid the future quality of beef cattle. This egg produced by the breeding bird will be sent first to the incubator, and then — on our businesses in growing broiler chickens," — said General Director CJSC Company "Agrocomplex" Ruslan burning.

Only in the poultry direction of the company "Agricultural Complex" has 10 enterprises. Two of them — the egg poultry farm, 7 production of broiler meat and one plant breeder, said "Live Kuban" the press service of "Agrocomplex."

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