In the Kuban sugar factory Freedom set a new record

In Labinsk sugar factory "Freedom" (part of the agro-holding "Kuban") has finished the processing of beet harvest in 2011.


In the 2011 season the team sugar factory "Freedom" was able to process 575,628 tons of raw materials, turning it into 76,759 tons of sugar.

"Close to the current volume of feed fed to the plant only once in its entire history of more than half a century: in 1989 was recycled 521,000 tons of sweet root vegetables. Then the lion’s share of beet delivered cars from the central regions of Russia. Today it is not required — just farms AGROKHOLDING "Kuban" managed to grow in harsh weather conditions and put away for processing 396,598 tons of raw materials, " — Says Elena Artyushchenko, Deputy Director General AGROKHOLDING "Kuban".

By acceptance of the beet harvest in 2011 Sugar Plant "Freedom" started on August 2. On the third day, the average daily production capacity has reached 4600 — 4800 tons (compared to the previous year it amounted to an average of 4379 tons per season). There were some periods when during the day and managed to recycle over 5,000 tons. Over the past 3 years at the plant have been carried out extensive work on the modernization of production lines worth about 80 million rubles. Repair and replacement of equipment were carried out in the offseason, and she in-plant program "Modernization and reconstruction" ("peace") is designed for 5 years.

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