In the Kurgan region opened pig

September 24, in the village of the Kurgan region Chastoozere the grand opening of a large meat-processing plant svinokopleksa "Veles".

Pig Farm is based on a closed cycle of animals, with the introduction of the top Canadian technology growth, fattening and improved livestock genetics. At its base is created genetic center for the cultivation of mother pigs.

This facility is unique in the region. Pig-breeding farm is designed 600 sows, the production capacity of 11,900 pigs a year. Already in the beginning of October pig will work in full.

Pig Farm was one of the sites, which was attended by Governor Oleg Bogomolov and members of the Council for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises. They also visited chastoozerskoy secondary school, a kindergarten, "SPRING", a sports complex and the Church of the Nativity of Christ. They were not chosen by chance — their example has been shown to work in the Urals as a public-private partnership.

Chastoozere village (photo)

A lot of effort and resources into reconstruction and construction of these facilities have invested local leaders meat processing facility "Veles". Much has been done in cooperation with the authorities.


International Boxing Tournament for the Cup "Veles". From 17 to 21 July in the ring met 5 teams abroad and Russia.

The tournament was held in New Fox

Race, in Chastoozere — not just a sporting event, but also the celebration of local importance. In addition to amateur athletes, there are going to literally the entire village. The organizer of the competition once again acted as the company "Veles". The youngest marathon runner barely four years old, the elderly — 76 years. Overcome distance from 400 meters to 3 kilometers. And according to tradition, at the end of the competition — a favorite with all the baton, "Mom, Dad, I — a sports family." Prizes and gifts from the organizers went to all the winners.

In March, the area was already Chastoozerskom traditional tournament in ski racing for the prize slaughterhouse "Veles". March 3, 2012 at the start there were more than 200 athletes from all over the Kurgan region and even the neighboring city of Tyumen.

The main attraction of the village — Church of the Nativity.

The first stone of the temple was founded in the autumn of 2007, in January of 2010, was consecrated the first limit. On the eve of Christmas January 5, 2012 the consecration of the Temple.

The reconstructed kindergarten "SPRING"

Reconstructed School

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