In the Kurgan region started the first object of a new poultry complex

The village Borovichy Safakulevskogo area of Kurgan region earned an incubator, where only a few days ago was laid more than five thousand species of goose eggs lindovskoy purchased on pedigree farm in Chuvashia. This is the first object of the future complex for production and sale of meat goose.

A month later, there will appear the first goslings, which will need to be placed somewhere. So now urgently preparing the new premises, poultry houses.

Throughout the year, in Safakulevskogo district will be built 14 new buildings, increased the number of hatching machines from 5 to 13. The plans — to produce 20,000 head of a goose for sale to the public, as well as "land" for the reproduction of goslings to have for the next year the farm was seven thousand head of his flocks. 

In 2014, investors planned construction site of the 30 buildings in the village were running high Shumikhinskaya area for fattening geese for meat and subsequent processing for the population as whole carcasses, pâté and canned goods.

Currently, the company employs 26 people. By 2015, when the complex is running at full capacity, the number of employees will increase to 120 people.

— It will create the largest area of incubation goslings, — said Vladimir Stepanov. — For the population will be established as the production of ducks and chickens, because the service is in demand today. Currently we are working on a schedule that is strictly enforced. I personally have my finger on the pulse. We are determined to create a good company to date.

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