In the Kurgan region will be set up large-scale production of meat geese

Kurgan Region Governor Oleg Bogomolov signed with the investor "Scientific and Production Association" Gardens of Russia "agreement on the establishment of large-scale enterprise in the Urals industrial production of goose meat output of 15 thousand tons per year and the best breeding farms gusevodcheskogo breeder with a population of 250 thousand goals.


On the eve as told in the press service of the governor, the project named "Kurgan goose" investors will realize from this year. So, in April, it is planned that in the incubator will be the first batch of eggs laid on a pilot site in Safakulevskom area. And by the end of 2013 there should be grown 12 thousand heads of geese, of which about 5.5 tys.budut shipped for sale. In the second phase in 2014 Shumikhinskaya area will be produced 200 tons of meat. Subject to the successful operation of a 2015 population of geese is 35 thousand and then require an additional 10-15 to open production sites.

Investors are going to create in the Urals closed technological cycle of growing food for geese to availability of products on the shelves.

Kurgan region as a platform for the implementation of their plans was selected investors by chance, as it is traditionally considered the Urals gusevodcheskim center of Russia. The region already has an enterprise which is engaged in breeding birds, but there is no industrial production of meat goose. And this project will fill this gap. In addition, the region has established a good scientific basis. Recall that in the last year of the Kurgan State Agricultural scientists and specialists of the plant breeding "Makhalov" was patented by a new breed of "Governor’s goose." This breed is characterized by high productivity, and safety of young adult population, and polygamous autoseksnostyu (ie goslings can be identified by the floor as early as day-old in appearance). Furthermore, the weight of this breed of geese than 4 kilograms.

As the general director of "NGOs" Gardens of Russia "Vladimir Stepanov, today this segment of the market in Russia remains unoccupied. Average consumption of goose meat is 50 g per capita, while in France — 3.5 kg.

"I hope for the stability of the scientific production association, the successful implementation of the project goose meat production in the Kurgan region. This is what satisfies us that we need today. I, as head of the region, signed off on the fact that, together with my colleagues — Department of Agriculture and Food Industry and the heads of districts — will actively support and assist the implementation of this project, "- said the Governor Oleg Bogomolov.


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