In the Kursk region build Russia’s largest poultry complex

Poultry complex in Gorshechensky District, designed to produce 120,000 tons of chicken meat per year, with the fall of 2010, the company is building "Kursk Agricultural Holding".

To date and ready to manufacture products: hatchery capacity of 86 million eggs per year, one of the seven poultry farms for the production of chicken meat and Poultry Processing Plant.

During October, will be commissioned two more poultry farms in December will start fourth, three areas will earn in the first quarter of next year. Factory farming is intended for one-time planting 1 million eggs and release of 15,000 tons of meat a year.

Investment in the project 9 billion rubles, of which 7.3 billion — Agricultural Bank loan, 1.7 millirad rubles — the company‘s own funds.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Igor Barschuk sure that "Kursk Agricultural Holding" successfully implementing a project for the development of poultry 21st century. The Dutch, who were the first to apply the so-called technology "patio" for the rearing of poultry, to date, do not have the same level of computerization and automation.

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