In the Kursk region has opened a new meat processing plant

In the city of Kursk region Zheleznogorsk the grand opening of a new meat processing facility called "Field-Black Soil." Its construction took the owner of the order of 300 million rubles. The company is equipped with modern equipment and a German of Russian origin. Its capacity can produce up to 5 tons of sausages and 30 tons of meat products per day. The enterprise has created about 200 new jobs.

The product range consists of about 15 items, including baby food.

The company plans — expanding the range of up to 200 x items. At the same used in the production of pork produced on the complexes of the Kursk region. That is, running the chain "from farm animal — to the consumer’s table." In the Kursk region has long been an emphasis on the development of just such productions — a wide loop closes over everything from crop and livestock production to production of finished products. Authorities in the region believe that the only way to reduce the price of products. New meat processing plant — one more step in this direction.

The quality of enterprise "Field-Black Soil" already appreciate the residents of Zheleznogorsk. A year later, the owner plans to open a second phase of the plant.

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