In the Kursk region has opened a new road

Today in Zheleznogorsky the Kursk region has opened a new strategically important for the backbone of the region highway "Trosna-Kalynivka" — Mihailovka — Linets.

Road length of 29 kilometers long, connects the federal highway "Trosna-Kalynivka" the road "Fatezh-Dmitriev," passing through the suburb Mihailovka, and, in fact, relates to Zheleznogorsk Kursk.

The partnership between the company "METALLOINVEST ‘administrations region and Zheleznogorsk for the construction of a new road in the rubble MGOK allocated 85 million rubles. Road workers found 19 Auto Pavilion, 292 road sign, signal bars 488, 1218 meters of the barrier fencing and landscaped suburb Mikhailovka.

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