In the Kursk region open sports grounds

On the eve of September 1 in Kursk Two new playgrounds built in the framework of the "Gazprom — to children."

To date, the program "Gazprom to Children" Kursk in cities and villages open for 32 multi-platform, where children and adults and, if desired, can play volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, and other outdoor games. And all this in the open air. In September, will be commissioned another 7 sites —  in the villages Konyshevka, Ponyri, Solncevo, a village first Semyonovka Schigrovskogo area of Rila village of Ivanovo region, Zheleznogorsk and Kursk.  

This work will continue into next year, it is planned that in the area will be built 15 such sports facilities. 

In recent years, the region is actively working to develop and enhance sports facilities: introduce more modern sports facilities, halls, stadiums and other facilities.

If we talk about the short term, it is planned to open in September in Kursk sports stadium at 3150 seats, and Zheleznogorsk — the skating rink with artificial ice. The construction of fencing in the center of Kursk and Ponyrovsky sports complex in the area.

And by 2015, as part of the regional target program for the development of physical culture and sport planning to open five fitness centers in the districts.


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