In the Kursk region opened a unique seed plant

In the Kursk region in the economy, "protective" put into operation unique to the Russian seed plant podrabotke herbs capacity of 2 tons per hour. Similar industries in the country is very little.  The construction of the plant was spent about 50 million rubles.

The product line includes all the steps: cleaning, drying, sorting and packaging of seeds. You can earn seeds clover, alfalfa, orchard, sainfoin, and other herbs. The modern foreign equipment produces high quality seeds.

— Launch of a new plant facilitates the transition to a higher seed quality level, — says Yuri Vasiukov, Executive Director of "EkoNiva-seeds." — Compared with the seeds of grain crops cultivation and subsequent part-seed cereals and legumes — is somewhat more difficult in the technical, technological and human sense.

Results undermining alfalfa seeds showed that the technical purity of seeds — 98.2% higher than those for the guests — 96%, and the content of weed seeds — 0.1% vs. — 0.4%.

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