In the Kursk region opened the plant for the production of sunflower oil

October 5, in the village of Kursk region Korenevo open plant LLC "Sunny Land" for the production of vegetable oils and mineral water bottling. In the Kursk region is the first large-scale plant for the production of sunflower oil. The plant is expected to process up to 1,000 tons of sunflower seeds in a month. 

The company will specialize in the production of refined and crude sunflower oil, packed in plastic bottles of 0.9, 1 and 5 liters.

Now consumers can buy quality products of the Kursk production, and agricultural enterprises and farmers growing sunflowers in the fields, — to carry the harvest of oilseed crops in Korenevo, not to Voronezh, Belgorod and Rostov regions, as it was before.

Also, the plant is planned to produce mineral and purified drinking water in plastic bottles and glass bottles from 300 bottles per hour.

The new plant created 80 jobs.

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