In the Kursk region started work in a modern elevator with grain cleaning and drying complex

In the village of Pryamitsyno October district started the work an important agricultural object — a modern elevator with grain cleaning and drying complex.

He is able to take, dried, cleaned and put in storage up to 30 thousand tons of grains and oilseeds. Construction was carried Finnish company "Myllyn Paras-Kursk". The company’s CEO Pekka Tapio Savela is not the first year working in agriculture, so no first-hand knowledge of the problems faced by farmers when placing or storing the resulting harvest.

The region has 31 major cereal plant with capacity of 1.6 million tons of grain silos and agricultural producers have a capacity of 2.2 million tons. In the sum of their total capacity exceeds 3.8 million tons. However, many elevators are designed not only for the storage of grain: it produces flour, animal feed and other products.

Only in the two previous years and elevator storage capacity of farms in the region have increased by more than 400 thousand tons, and this year prirastut 251 thousand tons.

In a number of farms and agro-industrial companies built compact storage elevator type. Over the past few years built more than 20 such facilities and their construction is gaining momentum.

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