In the Kuzbass will produce BelAZ

  • In the Kuzbass will produce BelAZ
  • In the Kuzbass will produce BelAZ

In the Kuzbass will produce BelAZ capacity of 90 tons.

The preliminary agreement was reached during a business trip Kuzbass delegation to the Republic of Belarus "Belarusian Autoworks".

The official delegation from the Kuzbass included the first deputy governor Valentin MAZIKIN, deputy governor for industry, transport and enterprise Sergey Kuznetsov, Deputy Governor for Economic and Regional Development Dmitry Islamov, President of CJSC Holding Company "Siberian Business Union" Michael Fedyaev and representatives of the business community.

The negotiations resulted in signing of a protocol agreement on cooperation between the Kuzbass and Belarusian sides in the field of multi-ton trucks for the coal industry.

At the moment, in the Kemerovo region addressed the issue of creating BelAZ, it is important to note that it will not be easy to assemble, and the full production cycle.

The next stage of cooperation provides for the transfer of all technical documentation Kuzbass machine builders and building joint production.

Co-production will give our country a great economic benefit is calculated annually ability to produce in Kemerovo 150 — 200 BelAZ. Thus it will be possible to meet the needs of Kuzbass and other Russian regions in the multi-ton cars for coal mining.

"The challenge that faces the Kuzbass — by the year 2015 all the coal mines of BeLAZ local assembly that will be economically beneficial to the region. In the future — a price reduction on trucks, increasing the amount of work and output, and hence the creation of new jobs for residents of the region "- said Sergey Kuznetsov.

At the Department of Industry, Trade and Enterprise Kemerovo region will establish a working group that will deal with the creation and development of a joint venture for the production of BelAZ. It is planned that the first instance of this machine will be created in 2013. While discussing the possibility of production in the Kemerovo 90-ton dump trucks, but in the future there may be other models — capacity of 130, 220 and 360 tons.

During the visit of the delegation of the Kuzbass in Belarus were discussed and other key issues of cooperation. In particular, representatives of "Belkommunmash" (Minsk), the possibility of creating in the Kemerovo region of a joint venture for the production of trams. Recall that in early March in the city of Prokopyevsk came two tram routes collected on the basis of "Prokopievsky tram economy." Production of the new trams is conducted on the initiative of Governor Aman Tuleyev under the "Optimization of the development of transport and communications in the Kemerovo region." In the short-term release of 10 more cars with increased comfort. To date, 224 units have electric vehicles require replacement. Therefore, the establishment of joint ventures and technology training specialists — is very relevant to the Kuzbass. In addition, a co-production will significantly save budgetary funds.

In addition, in the Kemerovo region plans to create a modern service center of "MAZ" (MAZ) for maintenance, repair buses MAZ during warranty and post-warranty periods of operation. That will result in significant cost optimization for the maintenance of this equipment in working order.

Source: Press Office of the Administration of the Kemerovo Region


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