In the Kuznetsk, Penza region after the cap. Repair opened a maternity hospital


November 2 in the Kuznetsk inaugurated a maternity hospital renovated.

Now the maternity hospital, the Kuznetsk is a modern medical facility with the latest equipment.
Repair work was carried out here since 2011, during this time have been completely renovated lobby, reception area, Sasha’s room, organized by the centralized system of medical gases, reverse-engineer the operational and generic technology "clean rooms," and in 2012 was completed renovation of the facade of the building.

Major work on repairs and purchase of equipment were made at the expense of the funds allocated for the modernization program of health care. Sponsorships also help from local businesses and residents, which amounted to about one million rubles, has allowed the hospital to purchase furniture, appliances, dishes and home care.

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