In the Lazarev pave new w / d path


In the current, 2012 JSC "Russian Railways" will invest about 28 million rubles in the production track work on the Tuapse-Adler, the press service of the company.

In the context of the construction and reconstruction on this site, is expected to produce 1,200 meters laying a new road on the stretch Waterfall — Lazarus.

According to the company "Russian Railways", the completion of the planned activities in the current year will increase the safety of trains on the Tuapse-Adler.



Railway station in the Tuapse — Adler, the gain of which is held in preparation for the Sochi Olympics will be completely double-track in 2025, said Tuesday at a meeting of the Public Council for the preparation of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 vice-president of "Russian Railways" Oleg Toni.

He explained that the railway line from Tuapse to Adler length 103 kilometer as of 2008 was basically a single track. Reserves of its carrying capacity and infrastructure was not required reinforcement and reconstruction.

"Russian Railways" was developed by the relevant project, which will be held in three stages. The first "Olympic" stage, calculated from 2008 to 2012, includes the construction of 30 kilometers of double-track inserts in nine spans and increases the capacity of the line from 54 pairs of trains per day to 70.

"Today, in the framework of this project, completed work on eight spans, introduced about 25 kilometers of the second track. Last stretch of" Waterfall — Lasarevskoye "will be introduced in the first quarter of this year," — said Tony.

According to him, the second phase involves the construction of 22 kilometers of the second track on the approach to large engineering structures.

"And in the third phase until 2025 is planned to complete construction of a second main track all the way from Tuapse to Adler and reconstruction of all man-made structures, tunnels and bridges that are in this area", — said Tony.

He added that in the framework of the project to strengthen the railway line completed a significant amount of construction beregoukreplyayuschih facilities, dumping gravel-protective strip with surge plates bunami. This not only better protect the coastal resort area from the ravages of storms and hurricanes, but also to increase the area of beach areas.

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