In the Lena (Yakutia) is open stadium after reconstruction Diamond

One of the most exciting events to mark the anniversary of Lensk, was the opening of the stadium "Diamond" after reconstruction.

The official opening of the stadium took place in August 1960, and now, 53 years later, the biggest football stadium, the city has found a new, modern look.

The celebration began a solemn parade of the best athletes of the area on a brand new treadmill, give the stadium a festive and elegant look. Right to raise the flags were given to young champions, Lensky District glorified his recent victories, and then was cut the symbolic ribbon.

Continued the award winning holiday athletes, builders and all active participants reconstruction. Next, the audience was presented to the most massive in the number of participants of action which volleyball players, football players, basketball players, boxers, archers and athletes indicative demonstrated their skills, and on the football field at this time shining talents best creative teams.

While the stadium is not yet mounted the podium, which will be installed by September 1, after which the sports arena will be ready to carry out any competition and entertainment. The next step will be the construction of an indoor reconstruction hockey court.

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