In the Leningrad region built the first LED settlement

In the Leningrad region in Russia built the first gated, fully-lit LEDs.

Construction company "Area 47" in conjunction with the St. Petersburg LED manufacturer JSC "Svetlana-Optoelectronics" with the support of the Union of construction companies Leningrad region (Lenoblsoyuzstroy) and the Construction Committee of the Leningrad Region in Russia implemented the first project of LED lighting cottage settlement "Little Robin". Full launch of the lighting system based on light-emitting diodes made at the beginning of this year. In the world there are similar projects in Japan and the United States.

As the chairman of the Committee for Construction Anatoly Katalevich this indicative of the entire construction industry in Russia project is one example of the state program of energy conservation and energy efficiency in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020, targets of which is to increase the number of energy-efficient light sources.

"The introduction of LED lighting in the construction phase can achieve the release of electrical power, reduce operating and maintenance costs due to it in the future to reduce the overall cost of consumers to pay for electricity," — said the executive director of the Union of construction companies Leningrad Oblast Sergey Chusov.

Compared with tube light sources of similar power LED lamps consume 3-5 times less electrical energy is also completely eliminated disposal costs. LEDs tolerate voltage drops, mechanical conditions and can operate over a wide temperature range, especially at low, which are characteristic of many regions of Russia, and are a big problem for tube lights.

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