In the Leningrad region has opened a major repair and logistics center

In the district of Leningrad region Tosnensky the opening of the first stage of repair and logistics complex group of companies "Sotrans" — a large investment project. Investments amounted to 2 billion rubles.

The complex area of 16 thousand square meters is designed for maintenance-known European and American brands. The result of the completion of the first phase of the construction project was the opening of warehouse area of 1.6 thousand square meters. m, multi-station truck service for 72 post office building for 300 employees with a separate unit, fully equipped with a bank, areas for parking of trucks belonging to the group of transport companies. At the same time service can take up to 50 units.

As a result, it created 350 new jobs. By the end of the year, management plans to add another 150. Already, in the computer lab are trained accounting. Involved mostly residents Tosnensky district, which eventually will be able to qualify for the replacement of relevant vacancies.

The second phase involves the construction of an industrial complex area of 12 thousand square meters. The volume of investment of 1 billion rubles. Negotiations are underway with potential partners. In the near future as the organization of the auto market in the area and the construction of the hotel for 60 people for truckers. Deadline of the second phase of the complex — roughly the first quarter of 2013

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