In the Leningrad region has opened a new school sports

2 October 2011 at 12.00 at the stadium "Forest" pos. Pine Priozersky District inaugurated the new junior sports school.

Youth is an initiative of football club "RUS" together with the administration Sosnowski settlement.

Sports School opened its doors to the children of Leningrad region, wanting to play football. For young athletes created a great training camp with new exercise equipment. All classes will be conducted by highly qualified trainers.

Congratulate the guys with the opening of a new school came: Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad region Kostritsa Vassily, the head of the municipality Sosnowski rural settlement Masevich Boris, the head of the administration of the rural settlement Sosnowski Alexander Sokolov, Honored Coach of the USSR, the Russian Federation and Ukraine Zonin S. Herman, founder of the football club "RUS" Tyshchenko Nicholas, president of the football club "RUS" Iakimets Alexander Kazimirovich.

To celebrate the opening of a new school sports in the stadium "Forest" game took place between the young athletes born in 1996-1997 (0-0), and between the honored veterans of the sport in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region and the stellar composition "Zenith 84" — Champion the Soviet Union in 1984 (2-2). Arbitrators matches were made by an international referee, the referee FIFA Levnikov Nikolai Vladimirovich the referee of the first category Levnikov Kirill Nikolaevich.

In between games, the audience greeted dance groups Children’s Art Pine Township.

The event was held with the active support of the football club, "RUS", St. Petersburg and the village administration Pine.

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