In the Leningrad region in anticipation of the season reforestation stocking


Winter — while collecting cones conifers, without which the seed will not and reforestation, according to the Natural Resources Committee of the Leningrad region.

According to the agency, in 2012 in the region very well blossomed spruce, and in the fall it became apparent that many conifers literally "hung" cones.

In early 2013, after the establishment of frost lesfonda tenants and local people started gathering cones on plots where logging was conducted. So, Roshchinskaya forestry was scheduled gathering cones in the amount of 4,900 kg.

By March 1, 3720 kg tenants collected cones conifers, the local population — 2321 kg. Cones are put on shishkosushilku Northwest forest, where they will dry and the resulting seed will be the raw material for reforestation.

As recalled in the Committee on Natural Resources, in 2012 Weather is 100% fulfilled the plan for reforestation — more than 16 hectares, and the next summer in the woods "go" the first seedlings of modern breeding and seed production center, Built in Luga.

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