In the Leningrad region in the gardens of Peter sold more than half of the available supply

The company "Petromar Development", the developer of suburban real estate market, two years sold more than 65% of the proposals in the 1 and 2 lines of cottage settlement "Peter’s gardens." Thus, their living conditions have improved 165 families who have recently considered themselves urban residents.

In the cottage comfort class "Peter‘s Gardens" erected popular in Russia at home on the frame-panel technology. Domokomplekta domestically produced manufactured in the factory floor to the modern automated equipment, in the suburbs. The Russian manufacturer uses a first-class high-tech and environmentally friendly materials.

The future resident of the village can purchase one of the five proposed projects houses or land, for the realization of its own project at home and in the home.

Modern panel-frame technology allows you to quickly build long-lasting and warm home. The design of multi-wall panels that are fully produced in the factory consists of a wooden frame, covered with the outer and inner sides of the plates OSB. Protects the house from moisture — waterproofing membrane. The interior of the wall panels filled with environmentally friendly and high-quality basalt insulation.

The benefits of technology are undeniable: the high heat-saving properties of the home, the use of environmentally friendly materials, factory production up to 90%, building in a short time and at any time of the year.

The village is located 16 km from Saint-Petersburg in Vsevolozhsk district and is designed for year-round use, as an alternative to urban housing. As part of the village: 280 land, protected area, intra-lit roads, entrances to areas and social facilities — shop, children’s and sports grounds. Large-scale project development company actively growing and at present.

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