In the local power grid Danilov field joined

Two modular GPP

The company "Energotekh" put into operation the second module of GPP for the needs of the Danilov field (the owner of the license area — "Irkutsk Oil Company").

Recall that the second unit was delivered to the field at the end of 2012. At the same time began and commissioning, which ended in the spring of 2013 the inclusion of the second phase of the GPP into the local power grid Danilov field.

The basis of the modular unit is a gas powered generator set Waukesha 5904 GSI (U.S.) capacity of 900 kW. Fuel for him, as for the first unit, is associated petroleum gas.

At present, the plant Enerkomp "(Ryazan), work continues on making the third unit for the Danilov field by order of the company" Irkutsk Oil Company. " By the end of 2013, it will be delivered to site. At the end of 2013 — beginning of 2014, the planned wiring and commissioning.

In the third unit the company "Energotekh" uses the waste, unified solution. The basis of the GPP will be gas powered generator set Waukesha 5904 GSI capacity of 900 kW. Thus, in the first quarter of 2014 all three power GPP Danilov deposit will be commissioned and incorporated into the local power grid.

The field is located in the Katanga district of the Irkutsk region in upper watersheds of the Lower Tunguska River. The nearest town — city Kirensk (170 km.) District mastered and weakly populated. Swampy territory, it is difficult to passable. Transport links to the main air and the cold period on the "winter road". The average annual temperature of -8 ° C. From + 30 ° C in summer to — 50 ° C in winter. The field was discovered in 1970godu. The development started in 1992.

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