In the long-range aviation to 2020 will be upgraded about 30 Tu-22M3

In Ryazan Center deployment and retraining long-range aviation crews started their studies in training pilots — graduates of 2011.

Here they will learn theoretical issues will work out in the gym piloting skills, practical perform flights on Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3.

In the center of Ryazan aviation aircrew is also learning to operate the modernized Tu-22M3M. The aircraft features improved nomenclature used weapons. It uses advanced equipment, which uses a new element base, crew cabin has a better ergonomic modifications pokazateli.Do M3M 2020 will be upgraded about 30 long-range bombers.

Ryazan Center deployment and retraining crews formed a long-range aviation December 31, 1940

The Center on refresher training of flight personnel on new aircraft, research in the field of tactics and the use of advanced modern aircraft systems. Instructors involved in the military and state testing of weapons and aircraft.

The Center for all time of its existence has trained more than 60,000 professionals specializing in engineering and flight crews.

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