In the Lviv region presented a lightweight set of active protection Barrier


October 1 in Lvoe during exercises held demonstration of achievements of the Ukrainian defense industry, which reported the development BTSKT "Microtec" — a set of active defense "Barrier-L".

The complex of active defense "Barrier-L" is designed to protect light armored vehicles. Moreover, already tested the effectiveness of their protection from simple anti-armor and armor-piercing rounds of small-caliber guns. Lightweight active defense "Barrier-L" is a single-use plug-ins. The module can be placed on top of the front part of the BMP-2 and two — on the sides of the built-in version. Lightweight "Barrier" is effective against RPG-7 grenades and RPG-9 and anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

KAZ "Barrier" creates a safe distance from the active zone of the protected object of protection, which neutralized the attackers to attack weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades (PG-7, PG-7VR, PG-9, etc.), anti-tank guided missiles — anti-tank, artillery cumulative caliber projectiles up to 125 mm armor-piercing shells and other antitank weapons.

Installation of "Barrier" does not affect the combat and operational characteristics of the vehicle, allowing the crew to increase the survival rate more than doubled, to raise confidence crew in combat missions.

During the exercises have shown variations of the complex on the basis of the combat vehicle BMP-2 and T-64 tank.

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