In the Magadan region are building a new bridge and a new mine

A new road bridge over the river. Kolyma — a strategic site Magadan region. Construction of the bridge is 1580 km on the federal highway "Kolyma" Yakutsk — Magadan, near the village Debin. At the project provided more than 2.5 billion rubles.

A new bridge with a metal superstructure on reinforced concrete piers will be compliant with the law third technical category. The length of the bridge is 2.39 kilometers. Complete construction of the new bridge is planned in 2013. 

Old Bridge, supports of which were built in the thirties, and the steel trusses in the 60-ies of the last century, almost worn out. 

Mine them. Matrosov has a license for the development of one of the largest in Russia Natalka deposit with the approved balance reserves of 1,449 tons of gold.

Today at the construction site of the mine them. Matrosov a high concentration of technology. As part of the objects of the first stage is planned to build about 38 sites, 200 buildings and structures. Resolved the issue with the purchase of technological equipment, dump trucks with large carrying capacity 136, 218 and 292 tons. In late March, workers have begun to prepare the site for construction of the gold processing plant. 

The mine will begin work on the extraction of gold at the end of 2013.  


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