In the Magadan region held its first stocking of salmon

By mid-June, all activities on the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources in the hatcheries FGBU "Okhotskrybvod" in the process of incubation and larval rearing of young.

In Olskaya experimental production and acclimatization base (EPAB) 5150 thousand pieces of cultivated salmon, 1250 thousand pieces of silver salmon.

On Yanskiy salmon hatchery (hatchery), the figure is 350 thousand pieces of chum and coho 450 thousand units, respectively Armanskiy LRZ 350 thousand pieces of salmon and 230 thousand pieces of silver salmon. Some of the fry vyrastnye translated into natural ponds and factory ducts.

After receiving the opinion of the state veterinary service of the epizootic situation in the prosperous hatcheries FGBU "Okhotskrybvod" allowed to issue aquaculture production in ponds Magadan region. With Armanskiy hatcheries in the free swimming has gone 1 million 420 thousand pieces of salmon with Yana — 455 thousand units, Olskaya EPAB — 300 thousand pieces of juveniles.

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