In the Middle Urals marked increase in air travel

  • Koltsovo airport, Ekaterinburg
  • Koltsovo airport, Ekaterinburg

Urals were more likely to fly airplanes. According to the press service of the airport "Koltsovo", passenger traffic for the first three months of this year was higher than in the — 7,9% — Than that of 2012. Thus, in the period from January to March 2013 the airport handled 777,000 passengers 571.

The maximum growth of passenger traffic — 16.1% — Recorded in the sector of international air travel (including the CIS), which in absolute terms is 371 000 309 passengers. On 1.4% passenger traffic increased domestic airlines, flights to Russia benefited 406 thousand 262 people.

The number of flights in the first three months of the year increased by 2.2% compared to the first quarter of last year and amounted to 4777.

Significant increase was observed in the transport of cargo and mail. Index in 2013 compared with January-March of 2012, the increased — 13.3% —, amounting to 6.5 thousand tons.

Total in the first quarter of 2013 there were 84 scheduled destinations, including 37 domestic and 47 international. The leaders of passenger growth during that period were Phuket, Dubai, Sharjah, Punta Cana, Harbin, Moscow, Irkutsk, Kemerovo.

The growth of passenger traffic in the city related to "Koltsovo" Development of regional air service — Perm, Magnitogorsk, Kazan, Orenburg, Ufa and Samara, on average, more than — 50% — In comparison with the same period in 2012.

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