In the military units of nine missile formations SRF completed work on upgrading security systems

Under the approved commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakaevym program to modernize the automated systems of the period up to 2015 in the army nine missile formations completed work on upgrading security systems. Since 2012, the rate of re-equipping with new systems of protection and defense facilities SRF increase compared to previous years, more than two times. The modernization of automated security systems involves the replacement of elements warning sensors and detection systems, components and systems for power and destruction.



Also in the Strategic Missile Forces in 2012, is working to develop a new regulatory framework, improve the training units to the tasks of counter-terrorism and maintain availability of existing automated systems of protection. In addition, in order to improve the organization of protection of the Strategic Missile Forces is currently under research and development projects to create advanced models of protection systems that meet modern requirements.

At the moment, protection of nuclear facilities SRF performed using six different types of automated systems of protection. Most of them have already been modernized to include in their composition by means of a new element base. The improvement of the systems of the Strategic Missile Forces are held exclusively by military experts with the assistance of Russian organizations. Installed equipment designed and manufactured only for Russian enterprises of the military-industrial complex. In the course of the operations provided by the complete closure of the information about the configuration of installed security systems, operating principles and algorithms for their operation.

In SRF protection and defense positions are subject to command and control, field and battle starting positions launchers, including mobile command posts and missile launchers during the march, as well as other important objects of missile position areas and units.

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