In the mine first reactor Novovoronezh NPP-2 has completed the installation of the base farm

According to the information which has been received by the press service of "AEP", which is the general contractor new nuclear power plant in Voronezh region, before the work was completed the installation base farm, located in the reactor cavity of the first power unit of Novovoronezh NPP-2.

unloading of the reactor vessel (July 2011).


Supporting truss is one of the most important pieces of equipment of the reactor cavity and is designed for the most reliable fastening of the reactor vessel also serves to protect it in case of different seismic loading.

Supporting truss was set at the level of + 11.1 meters. The device is a welded metal structure which consists of radial beams, special concrete filled.

The diameter of the farm — over 9 meters and height of 1.3 meters and weight — about 100 tons. Such farm — a heavy-duty product, which is intended for radiation and thermal action over a long period of plant operation, is 60 years.

After the installation of the supporting truss work will begin on the concrete reactor cavity, which will last until the mark of 26.0 meters, and installation of hard farm located at around 16.5 and is intended for mounting of the enclosure of the first reactor at the top level.

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