In the mine office Pokrovsky tamed methane.


Underground methane gas have taken "in harness" in the mine office "Pokrovsky" Donetsk region.

It commissioned a unique cogeneration plant capable of processing it into heat and electricity.

The project is in the "Intercession" is implemented with technical and financial support from the PrJSC "Donetskstal" carrying out an extensive program of integrated development of methane-coal deposits.

Due to the extraction of underground gas ensured the safety of people. There will also be an opportunity to produce additional electricity. This new prospects for the region.

Rizhenkov Alexander, CEO, Chairman of the Supervisory Board PrJSC "Donetskstal":

— All the years of our cooperation with the mine office "Pokrovsky" we put on top security concerns of miners’ work. To do this, set up a special department for degassing mines, have come a long way for a modern cogeneration plant. Such today in Ukraine only two. First launched at the Donetsk coal mine Zasyadko. The total cost of our project — 243.5 million hryvnia, and it’s own funds. From the budget, which is where to direct investment, the installation is taken only 17.2 million hryvnia.

Power station of the new generation will reach 18.2 MW. That’s enough to mine management has provided itself with its own electricity by 53%, the heat — by 77%. However, only the project PrJSC "Donetskstal" is not limited to it. As part of a multi-vector strategy of innovative development of the company is implementing a number of other projects. They are dedicated decontamination rock mass through wells drilled from the surface of the earth, the introduction of technology of underground coal gasification, its deep processing, commercializing the mine water.

Alexander Lukyanchenko, Mayor of Donetsk:

— The project is the use of mine water intended for the former mine Gorky. At one time it was closed, but continues to drop every hour up to 1600 cubic meters of water falling into the river Kalmius first, and then in the Sea of Azov. The environmental problem is obvious. The company "Donetskstal" is concerned with clean water and use it for the needs of the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant. A similar project is being implemented for the first time in Ukraine and in the world. Total closed and closed mines of the country are able to produce up to 180 million cubic meters of water per year, which can be effectively used in various industries. It is assumed that the lessons learned from today in Donetsk, in the coming years for the benefit of themselves will apply in the Dnipropetrovsk region and in the Lvov-Volyn coal basin.

Eugene Khalimendik, chief engineer PrJSC "Shahtoupravlenie" Pokrovsky ":

— Mine "Red Army West" — that used to be called public company — commissioned in 1990. Its design capacity of 1.8 million tons of coal a year. The high level of technology led the company in first place in Ukraine. The average load on the working face here is three times higher than the national average, and the annual volume of fuel production increased to 6,000,000 tons. In the long term, with the commissioning of new capacity, the mine will still increment coal production by 5 million tonnes a year. However, no matter what the conversion took place in the enterprise, there is always at the forefront here staged security problems of miners’ work.

First of all, to this end, to "Pokrovsky" cogeneration plant was built and a new technological level. From now on, mine gas, satellite coal miners called "explosive", is aimed at a peaceful course. Plant will generate electricity and its and its heat.

I note, with the cost of energy produced at the plant is seven times lower state tariffs, and the resulting heat is ten times cheaper utilities. In order put only the first phase of the station. The full development of the power it can process per year to 53.1 million cubic meters of previously just released into the atmosphere of methane gas.

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