In the missile troops will defuse mines giant microwave

In the Moscow Region Krasnoarmeisk journalists presented the new domestic development. "This is a weapons based on new physical principles", is proud to say the designers of the project. By car remote mine no guns, but its systems can neutralize almost any explosive device.

"The main effect of this machine is that it uses the microwave transmitter very high power — its exact parameters are classified. It can make or undermining the mines, or to block it," — said Gennady Black, head of the tests.

Mine clearing vehicle was created specifically to accompany the mobile missile complexes, patrolling and on the move. Moving ahead of the column, it "clears" the corridor for the passage of vehicles, whether it is on the roadway or in the field.  

"It simulates the signal detonation. If the saboteur is waiting for the column and is preparing to transmit a signal to undermine, the machine emits is similar signals of cell phones, pagers and similar radio generalists" — said General Designer Yuri Maximov. "This machine is made in an armored housing that protects against debris min, bullets, grenades from. Course, it is not designed for combat in open battle. Artillery attacks from the personnel it will not protect" — believes Gajdukevich Henry, Chief Engineer Engineering Services Strategic Missile Forces.

The machine can also be operated in a mode mine detector. Following the discovery of explosives, it automatically stops. Then it is taken engineers, explorers that go into a crew. They make the decision to neutralize or destroy the device.

Once completed the last stage of testing, the machine will be adopted. And in 2014 the first unit goes on missile troops. And since 2015, the armed forces will annually receive three such machines.

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