In the modernized T-72B saved on the engine and dynamic protection

The media once again gleefully reported rearmament teams in the Chechen Republic on an upgraded version of the T-72B. What can I say, the appearance of the upgraded equipment — a gratifying fact. Updated tanks were replaced long ago obsolete version of the T-72B, which, in turn, have come to the tank battalions of these compounds instead of more of the old T-62, nicknamed for their age, "museum."

Upgraded T-72B with a V-84 engine capacity of 840 hp The upgraded T-72B equipped with sights "Pine-U", which are considered among the best. As we have previously mentioned, this scope has been successfully tested and showed good results on the tests, not only in Russia but also abroad, particularly in India. It is installed on the upgraded T-72M1M, tank support combat vehicle "Terminator", the newest T-90ms. Compared with the established in the T-72B long-outdated sight-rangefinder TPD-K1 and sight — a homing device 1K13-49 "Neman", "Pine-U" has a much higher performance target detection and engagement.

Here is an example of the correct installation of explosive reactive armor equipped for thermal "Pines-U" not terrible, not only in the darkest night, but smokescreens with fog. If the first tank guided missiles could lay only with short plants, with a new eye can beat tours in stride. According to some reports, the tanks are installed the updated communication and navigation using GLONASS. And, as already noted, it is surprising that the place where once stood the illuminator is not covered ERA. Several additional units would not greatly burdened the military budget, and the characteristics of protection would be increased. Especially, there are options and T-72 and T-90, in which such "holes" in the dynamic protection is not (see photo). It would be desirable, of course, seen in these tanks protivokumulyativnymi lattice screens that effectively protect from light anti-tank weapons. By the way, they also already installed on here are the T-62 could simply be moved from these old tanks.

And there is not a budget option settings "reactive armor" There is one thing on which they decided to save the military. At an earlier version of the upgraded T-72BA, which in previous years supplied the Russian army was tysyachesilny In-92V2, which is also installed on the T-90A. Previously it was thought that in these sent to Chechnya tanks are engines of 1,000 hp, but as it turned out, they left the old V-84 with a capacity of 840 hp As the representatives of the military-industrial complex, the Russian Defense Ministry "wants a miracle for reasonable money", but as you know, miracles do not happen, and this tank motion characteristic inferior T-72BA and T-90A. And the same level as the mid-80s, when "semdesyatdvoyki began to put the B-84.

The best option to install the DMZ

And yet, even in such a truncated version of the upgraded T-72 on the head of superior Georgian tanks, improved with the help of foreign experts. Photo by Alexey Hlopotova

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