In the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute have developed a video-capsule for gastrointestinal examination

Thanks to Russian scientists appeared an alternative method for diagnosis of diseases of the small intestine — a video capsule endoscopy.

Until now, examining patients were only special equipment cause the patient to a lot of inconvenience. Standard endoscopic viewing techniques studies allow only limited portions of the small intestine, therefore remains impossible task intestinal endoscopy along its entire length.

In search of an alternative solution to the problem and endoscopy, Russian scientists have developed a video-capsule. Since 2010, Russian graduate students and researchers from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPI) began testing a diagnostic system known as "Lily of the Valley" (named after the member of the project team gastroenterologist Lily Gubaidulina).  

The work of young scientists and physicians led by head of the Department of Computer Systems and Technologies, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Professor Mikhail Ivanov has already attracted the attention of official medicine.

How does this Russian invention? The capsule is swallowed by the patient and by natural peristalsis moves through the digestive tract, carrying video. Information from the capsule is passed through special sensors to the recorder.

The research carried out for 6-8 hours. The patient, in this moment, is on the belt reader miniature device and leads a normal life. At the end of the day he returns back to see the doctor of the data.

The resulting image is processed by the study using a special software on a workstation that uses the base PC. For any matters, you can see the video again without having to re-examination of the patient. After that, the doctor may prescribe a patient treatment.

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