In the Moscow metro area had the first free Wi-Fi

On September 1, 2013 at Kakhovska subway lines had the first area to complimentary wireless Internet access. Until the end of 2013 has 3 metro lines — Ring, Sokolnicheskaya and Kalinin — will offer free Wi-Fi. On the other 8 branches metro Wi-Fi appear until August 2014 

July 4, finished the competition on "The right to organize and operate a wireless network Wi-Fi standard for use in rolling stock SUE" Moscow Metro ". The winner of the auction was the company "Maximus Telecom".

As part of a 15-year contract the company "Maximus Telecom" is to provide wireless access to the Internet all the rolling stock of the Moscow subway, park trains of more than 4,800 cars. According to the Department of Transportation in Moscow, analogues of such a project yet. In some cities around the world there is Wi-Fi in the subway stations, but not in the tunnels. In Moscow, the service will be available to passengers at the time of the train.

At their own expense, "Maxim Telecom" install base stations throughout the train and equip each car with necessary equipment for receiving and transmitting the signal. Also in the metro core network will be installed, server, nodes, links, etc. to complete the work on commissioning Wi-Fi network to 12 lines of the Moscow metro, with a total length of over 300 km, "Maximus Telecom" plans in a calendar year.

Providing Internet access in the subway not only transport service, and services aimed at providing comfortable conditions for passengers travel in Moscow. Wi-Fi, and planned to create especially for passengers underground electronic portal that provides social, informational and educational content, will allow passengers to maximize time on the road.

Wi-Fi will be available exclusively subway passengers in subway cars. Under the contract, the data rate is not less than 50 Mbit / s on a train. Registration in the Wi-Fi network will be possible, but not mandatory.

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