In the Moscow Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye elevated copy

Dutch house of Peter I

In the Moscow Museum "Kolomenskoye" forces divisions of engineering troops of the Russian Federation and the Netherlands began to work together on the construction of a full-scale copy of the house of Peter I, presented to our country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Year of the Netherlands in Russia and Russia in the Netherlands. 

Tsar Peter I lived in a wooden house in the town of Zaandam, when incognito came to Holland to study shipbuilding, and worked at the shipyard.

Head of the Engineering Corps of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Yuri Stavitskiy noted that "the work will be completed in late October. The implementation of this joint project will further strengthen the authority of the Corps of Engineers, and contribute to the development of bilateral military relations between the armed forces of Russia and the Netherlands. "

A copy of the house, stockpiled in containers at the end of September was transported by sea, first in St. Petersburg, and then was brought to Moscow by road.

From the Russian Federation in the construction of a copy of the house of Peter I participated division of the 45th Engineer Brigade separate the Western Military Region, stationed in the suburban Nakhabino, from the Netherlands — soldiers of the 101st Engineer Battalion from Vezepa. These houses were erected for the Mariners, the walls were made of frames and cladding of old ships. The cabin has been preserved and turned into a museum, which has the status of the historical building. He recently reopened after restoration and is very popular with tourists.

"Dutch house" Peter I established in Kolomenskoye near the river Zsuzsa, close to the monuments of the Museum of Wooden Architecture. In Kolomna already have "Archangel wooden house" Peter the Great, where he lived during the construction of warships near Arkhangelsk.

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