In the Moscow region built a house for servicemen of the Interior Troops of Russia and members of their families

September 6 Dzerzhinsky district of Balashikha, Moscow region, a solemn ceremony of commissioning of the new 150-apartment residential houses for servicemen of the Interior Troops of Russia and members of their families. Handed over the keys to new settlers Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs — chief of Interior Ministry troops Russian General Nikolai Rogozhkin.

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on May 7, 2012 № 604 "On further improvement of military service in the Russian Federation", established in 2013 to provide in full in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation accommodation servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other troops, military units and agencies, and by 2014 to ensure the formation of service housing. 
Russian Interior Ministry troops task solved by deploying a large-scale housing development in all regions of the country. Is currently under construction and a direct survey work on 160 homes and hostels for family housing by 17.5 thousand apartments. In 2012, during the internal forces received more than 4.6 million apartments in the I half of 2013 — about 500 apartments. Ongoing settlement 255-apartment house on the street of Moscow Energy. Until the end of 2013, plans to enroll another 5.5 thousand flats, including the planned commissioning of the 221-apartment house on the street Krasnokazarmennaya and 197-apartment hostel down the street in Moscow Konovalov, 1948 apartments in the Railway.

In the district of Dzerzhinsky in recent years is an active housing for servicemen of the Interior Troops of Russia. Over the last five years here commissioned three residential apartment buildings, apartment type hostel and residential complex "Hero", in which the soldiers were well-furnished service apartments. Now there is a population of two more buildings of this residential complex on the 535 apartments.

Simultaneously with the execution of the President’s program to provide housing for military personnel, the High Command of the Internal Troops focuses on creating an extensive social infrastructure. In the district in 2009 opened a new kindergarten "Goldfish", designed to accommodate 200 children, in 2010, the reconstruction of secondary school number 16 and built a new school building, resulting in the school have access to 950 children. In the past year the construction of two kindergartens, child and adult clinics and offices secondary school parking lot, which is planned to enter into operation in 2013-2014.

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