In the Moscow region opened 27 new fire-rescue stations

August 8 in the village of Springs Ramenskoye district was inaugurated fire-rescue fasting voluntary fire brigade.

Post to Ramenskoye district — 27 minutes from the open from the beginning of the year in the Moscow region. Only in this area is already open five such fire stations of pre-fabricated structures: the settlements Konstantinovo Ostrovtsov, Kuznetsov, Denezhnikovo, Strokina. In addition to the post in the village of Springs in late August, plans to open fire and rescue stations in the village Bikovo Ramenskoye district. By the end of the year will be commissioned in 38 such objects.

According to the deputy chairman of the Moscow region, Dmitry Pestov, long-term program of the Moscow region "Ensuring the safety of life of the population of Moscow Region for 2013-2015" on the development of structures of civil defense and emergencies from the regional budget allocated more than 17 billion rubles. New fire stations, misleading, commissioned in response to this program, equipped with all necessary for the organization around the clock service and utility facilities, equipped with fire equipment, tools and equipment. Service there are as professional firefighters, employees of the State treasury of the Moscow Region "Moscow Regional Firefighting and Rescue Service", and volunteers from the local community. Specialist staff in opening new branches formed in advance and takes serious training.

Entering this object — a vivid example of how embodied in the life of the governor’s program "Our suburbs. Priorities for Development ". New fire brigade, in addition to its core functions, will become centers of safety in their communities.

According to the press service of the deputy chairman of the regional government DV Pestova

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