In the Moscow region opened a new kindergarten Castle of Childhood

February 4 in the village farm named after Lenin Lenin district of Moscow region opened a kindergarten "Castle of childhood." Building achieved at the expense of non-state funds.

In the preschool will operate 6 groups with 120 children. For each group, organized by subject-developing environment, in accordance with federal requirements, and implemented the program, which aims to create favorable conditions for the residence of a child under school age, forming the basis of basic training of the person, all-round development of the physical and mental qualities in accordance with the age and individual characteristics

The area is equipped with individual POs, playgrounds, a soccer field, the stadium and the area with the sports complexes.


Cut the red ribbon entrusted children — they are the main actors here


Congratulate their peers with the opening of a private kindergarten guys came from the municipal — the best in Russia.


The Seven Dwarfs were charming — like the whole ceremony.


Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov, director of the Lenin State Farm Pavel Grudinin and the head of the rural settlement in the Castle Elena Dobrenkova childhood.




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