In the Moscow region opened a new pedigree breeding complex

In the Moscow area, the new livestock breeding complex for 2,400 cows. This is one of the largest investment projects in the field of agriculture on the basis of "Plemzavod Ramenskoye" Ramenskoye area.

Its capacity of 22.08 million tons of milk per year, and the total estimated cost — 4 680 000 000 rubles. The aim of the project is the creation of a modern, high-tech breeding complex, with loose housing of cows, which allows to obtain competitive products.

The complex of dairy farming is a closed cycle of milk production with the introduction of the latest advanced technology, currently used in global dairy farming with the installation of high-tech equipment complying with the highest international standards for milking cows, storage and processing of milk.

With the commissioning of these facilities in operation at the plant will be further employed 106 people with an average monthly salary of 28,600 rubles.

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