In the Moscow region opened a new pharmaceutical plant

At the opening of the suburban Obolensk pharmaceutical plant "Geropharm Bio" for the production of insulin by the principle of full cycle: from the synthesis of the substance to the finished dosage form, which allows for continuous monitoring at all stages of production.

Ready insulin will be produced in a variety of packaging options: cartridges and vials. Current products will fully meet the standards of GMP. In the construction of the plant has invested 1.5 billion rubles.

The factory area is 10,000 square meters. The enterprise, which will employ more than 200 people, plan to produce not only insulin, but also a number of other original medicines for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases.

This neuroprotective "Cortexin" and "Cortexin for children," Ophthalmic drug that stimulates the regeneration of retinal "Retinalamin" tool for the diagnosis of diseases of the central nervous system of "BBB-ELISA Test."




The company of "GEROPHARM Bio" is the only Russian manufacturer of high quality domestic genetically engineered human insulin (insulin soluble "Rinsulin R" insulin isophane "Rinsulin NPH"), which are made from its own substance. The company is registered in the Moscow region in 1998.
The total area of factory buildings of more than 10,000 m2, staff number — 260 people. The industrial complex was established in accordance with international standards of manufacturing quality medicines (GMP).

Three independent certified European laboratory — Proteome Factory AG Berlin, Prolytic GmbH Frankfurt am Main, Labor L + S AG — praised the quality of the substance of genetically engineered insulin "GEROPHARM-Bio" and recognized it meets the requirements of the American and British Pharmacopoeia.
The plant most of the operations performed automated system, and the product quality is controlled by special inspection machines. These measures have minimized human error and ensure full compliance with the requirements of international standards. The salary level has allowed the plant to attract highly skilled professionals (average salary in the enterprise — 50 thousand rubles.).
Until the end of 2013 is scheduled on:
• 42.000-packs of cartridges Rinsulin P
• 42.000 packages Rinsulin NPH

Currently, the company is able to satisfy the needs of the Moscow region for insulin.
It is planned that the company "GEROPHARM" will take part in scientific research and high-tech production programs for training personnel in the distribution points soft drugs.
In the suburbs almost 45,000 people are in need of insulin.

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