In the Moscow region opened the plant for the production of biological products

August 31 LOTOSHINSKY district of the Moscow area the launch of the first in the Central Federal District of the plant for the production of biologically active compounds and drugs for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic industry and agriculture.

This is one of the most advanced and the most modern forms of production that meets the highest international standards. The technology that will be used in the enterprise — the original and a brand new, up to now anywhere in the world, it has not been applied.  Its main advantages are efficiency and environmental safety. In addition, the production of a waste-free, which is also important. The developers of this technology — the general director of JSC "Scientific and Production Company" Flavio "Anatoly Gavrilov Bronislavovich and a group of scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, are developing new methods for the isolation and purification of bioactive compounds from plant materials.

The raw material for this production will serve as a larch. Among the products that will be output: Dihydroquercetin — powerful natural antioxidant, which is widely used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; arabinogalactan — type of polysaccharide used in the manufacture of tablet forms of drugs as dietary supplements (DS), and in food, cosmetics, pulp and paper industry and animal husbandry. Listvennichnoe oil is used mainly in the manufacture of cosmetic creams, masks shampoos and toothpastes.

A few years ago this technology was awarded the Grand Prix at the "Russian Innovation Contest." It is in the area we met LOTOSHINSKY understanding on the part of people who are focused on the use of new technologies in order to organize the knowledge-intensive industries.


The main technical and economic indicators of the project

The plant capacity per year:

5.0 tonnes dihydroquercetin;
40 tons of arabinogalactan;
10 tons of larch oil
800 tons of lignin-containing raw materials;
The number of employees, 25 people
The volume of production in the amount of 250 million rubles.

According to others: the annual output will reach more than 500 million rubles, thus will create 150 jobs in the first phase — 36.

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