In the Moscow region opened Voskresensk company producing welded stainless steel tubes

September 4, on the territory of "Resurrection fertilizers" has officially opened a new plant — a plant for the production of electric-welded pipes, stainless steel "Volund INDASTRIEL."

The plant began operations in 2009 in Podolsk, Moscow region, but in December 2011 the equipment was dismantled and transported in the Resurrection.

During 2012, work was done on the reconstruction of the former industrial plant vanadium catalysts, and formed a new site in the 47,350 m. meters.

At the moment, "Volund INDASTRIEL" started to produce more than four sizes of stainless steel pipes. Technical equipment can produce pipes with diameter up to 76 mm.

With the opening of the plant in the Resurrection area appeared about 40 new jobs. The average salary of a highly skilled worker at the plant is 35 thousand rubles.

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