In the Moscow region will be implemented investment project for the construction of dairy


At a meeting in the administration of the Sergiev Posad district recently analyzed the performance of the investment program in the field of agriculture. Head of the Agricultural District Ivan Konchakov reported that for the future of the dairy in the village have already purchased new production unit.

According I.Konchakova, dairy processing area is not enough. A dozen farms rely on daily milk production and processing enterprises are taken to the capital and suburbs of the order of 100 tons of high-quality milk. Ten farms have received the status reproducers, milk yield in their herd — the standard of milk production.

There are breeding plants that produce truly unique in its composition the milk intended for the production of baby food. But at the same farms have to endure the dictates of capital processors, lower a price of raw milk. Agricultural enterprises are forced to accept unreasonable understatement grade to sell milk. Farms are tangible losses from such industry inequality.

I.Konchakov noted that the project is thoroughly worked out and chose the most suitable option. The industrial complex is purchased. A plot of land in the village of New redeemed, is an intensive preparation for the construction of its plan to begin this spring. According I.Konchakova, Shemetovskoe settlement is supporting the investment project, which is also very interested. Processing industry — this new economic opportunities for local farms, which means that there is a prospect of employment for villagers. Milk plant will provide jobs for the residents of the village, town and village will profit, and the district treasury — taxes.

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