In the Moscow suburb of Khimki opened 6 kindergartens with 800 seats and 200 seats on the school

August 29, Khimki opened 6 kindergartens and schools.

In the neighborhood gangway opened education center — kindergarten "Captain" with 120 seats and an elementary school for 200 — in the same building. Modern architectural solutions, the original floor plan, bright and spacious classrooms.

Another kindergarten in the district appeared on the street Mikoyan.

md. Glider, on 11/1 the grand opening of the kindergarten number 48 to 140 seats for the children of military personnel, built Spetsstroy Russia.

Symbolic keys to the new buildings in the district have received and Left Bank. There, as in the gangway, opened just two kindergartens. One — the compact. Integrated in the house — with 80 seats. Other — 145. With a swimming pool and large grounds.

Kindergarten in the district Podrezkovo had to build two years ago. Last fall was instructed to expedite the work. And now, after 12 months, the long-awaited opening was held.

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